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The Period of Making Money on Tumblr Begins!

Tumblr , one of the social media platforms , finally offers its writers/content creators a way to monetize their hard work: Subscription Fee.

The 14-year-old blogging platform allows authors to submit their chosen posts to readers for a fee. The feature, called Post Plus , allows creators to offer subscriptions for $3.99, $5.99 or $9.99 per month, giving readers access to posts made for subscribers only. For now, the feature is only available in a “limited beta” version for certain creators .


While Tumblr is still a large social networking platform, the platform is getting smaller and smaller. According to Tumblr’s press information page, according to the archives of the page, the number of daily posts, which was 14.8 million this period last year and 67.7 million in this period in 2012, dropped to 11.3 million. Tumblr struggled during the transition to mobile and then stopped after it was acquired by Yahoo in 2013 and Verizon in 2017.

Automattic, owner of, bought Tumblr in 2019, but hasn’t been too involved with the social media platform since. It seems unlikely to revive the platform by bringing the payment feature to the platform whose blog post is shared using a pseudonym.

But it will be a step towards making the platform a more flexible option for writers, and giving existing users another reason to spend more time on the platform. The platform now emphasizes that it continues to be adopted by younger users, saying that about half of its users are part of Generation Z.

Tumblr plans to launch a feature-wide launch this fall, and the company will also take a 5 percent cut from Post Plus fees. In addition, the company will deduct the app store fees of 30 percent from the earnings of the content creators from the subscriptions to be made by iOS and / or Android.


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