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The Period of Making Money on Pinterest Begins!

Pinterest , one of the social media platforms , is following the influencer market. The platform today announced its first set of tools to enable creators to make money by promoting products from all sides on the site.

The platform adds support for affiliate links, allowing creators to get a share of the purchases they make. It also adds product tagging to story-like Idea Pins to drive sales from more places, and adds a new “paid partnerships” tag to support sponsorships within Idea Pins. The updates come a few months after the platform launched a $500,000 fund for BIPOC creators.


Creators will now be able to browse these existing product pins and integrate them into Idea Pins so they can create content with the product and promote the product to potential customers who follow them. Creators will also be able to monetize any product sold by adding their own affiliate links to these tags.

Availability is subject to change, but the product tagging tool within Idea Pins will be available for all business accounts in the United States and UK, with access to international creators in the coming months. The paid partnerships tool is available for select creators in the US, UK, and Canada, among 16 other countries.

The big idea is that Pinterest aims to make it easier for people on its platform to sell products they’re already promoting, and to make it easier for users to purchase the materials they need to come up with the various Pinterest project ideas they see. Other platforms also benefited from in-app shopping. Probably the biggest example, Instagram has built a full shopping tab in its app, allowed product tagging, and made it easy for brands and creators to collaborate.


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