The New Porsche 911 Carrera S Reached 200 Km/h in 10 Seconds!

One of Porsche ‘s last sports models, the 911 992 Carrrera S , came up with a new news. Carrera S has reached an incredible score with its new engine.

Carrera S , which is not a very high-end racing car , has achieved an interesting score in this segment. Although the main reasons for the production of this vehicle are luxury, sport and power, of course, it is not produced as a Bugatti or Lamborghini rival. As such, they can see these vehicles more on the street and users can access them.


Carrera S, on the other hand, reached surprising numbers with its engine design this time. In a test conducted by Motorsport Magazine, the Carrera S accelerated to 200 km/h in exactly 10 seconds . In this trial on a track in Spain, the Carrera S surpassed itself with its new technology engine.

For those who do not understand what this number means, let’s give some information. A BMW 320i, which we often see on the roads, reaches 100 km / h in an average of 8 seconds. It takes about 35 seconds for the same vehicle to reach 200 km/h. However, as you can see in the figures, the Carrera S reaches these figures in just 10 seconds. Again, the new Carrera S reaches 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds , which the 320i reaches in 8 seconds .

Porsche has added 23HP  to this Carrera S compared to its predecessor . This addition will have strengthened the engine so that the vehicle can reveal interesting values. We congratulate the driver and the car who made the score in Spain.


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