Tesla Vehicles Can Now Automatically Change Lanes

Tesla shared the details of the new features to be added to its vehicles in a press release it published today . The most striking topic in the content is the lane changes that the vehicle can make without the need for permission.

Autopilot Overtakes Are Now Possible

Prior to the announcement, vehicles could move on their own to reach the designated destination, but only offered the best driving experience on the current lane line. This autopilot system, which requires the user’s hands to be close to the steering wheel and feet to the pedal, could change lanes by obtaining your permission when necessary.


However, with a new software update, Tesla will offer this feature to its vehicles without approval. The feature mentioned in the press release is stated as follows;

In Autopilot settings, three new settings are being added to the Customize On Autopilot menu. These settings are used as “Activate at the start of each journey”, “Request lane change confirmation” and “Lane change notification”. Drivers who activate the “Activate at the beginning of each journey” setting will automatically switch to autopilot as soon as they enter the navigation route. If a driver selects “ Require lane change confirmation” to “No”, lane changes will occur automatically . In the last option, drivers will also be able to learn about the upcoming lane change by receiving an audible warning and a default visual prompt .

On the other hand, company CEO Elon Musk shared a summary tweet about the press release.



The update, which is reported to have been tested for half a million miles (804 thousand km) on “Early Access Program” drivers for now, will be activated in the US market as of today. In other country markets, it will be available when the necessary legislative arrangements for the feature are completed.


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