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Telegram Desktop Updated with New Features!

Telegram , one of the popular online messaging applications , updated the Telegram Desktop application for Windows 10 and Windows 11 after its announcement recently, and upgraded the software to version 3.4.2. With the update, a number of new changes were introduced to users, especially Reactions, Spoilers and new emojis.

New features coming for Telegram Desktop:

  • Reactions: It is now possible to react to your messages in Telegram with emojis like in Instagram. To leave a reaction to a message, simply move your cursor over the message you want to react to. Group and Channel admins can enable or disable the feature in their chats via the Manage > Reactions menu.
  • Spoiler: Telegram allows you to send texts that can be disguised as spoilers. To hide part or all of any message, select the text as you type and choose Formatting > Spoiler from the context menu , just click on the spoiler. Spoiler markup hides text in chat, as well as in chat list or notifications.
  • New Animated Emojis: Introduced interactive emoji versions for different emojis in one-on-one chats.



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