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Statements from Erdogan on the “Social Media Law”

Meeting with the journalists today, President Erdoğan made statements in which he touched on some details about the new social media law while answering the questions of the journalists. Stating that it would not be enough for social media platforms to open offices, Erdoğan underlined that they should be present in the offices they opened here with their staff.

As a country, we expect a new regulation that will affect social media lately. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shared new details about the arrangement in the past weeks. Accordingly, Social Media Presidency will be established in Turkey, troll accounts will be exposed and criminal sanctions will be imposed. Social media platforms that do not share the information requested by the ministry will be fined.


President Erdoğan made a new statement about the new law, which the Justice and Development Party staff called “the law on combating disinformation” instead of the social media law.

 They will come here  with their staff ,  and in case of any violation, these penalties will also be collected when the penalty is given. As of now, you are looking at Twitter, Facebook, none of them have a feature to be addressed when they do any wrong thing. We cannot deal with them. They will pay the price. There is no other choice for these things. 

The Social Media Law, which has not yet been clarified, was frequently on the agenda of social media users in the days we left behind. Many social media users opposed this bill against social media with the hashtag #SocialMedyamaTouch .


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