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Spotify Started Offering Lyrics Feature To All Users!

Spotify , the world’s most popular online music and podcast listening platform , has announced the launch of the highly anticipated Lyrics feature for users around the world. This new lyric feature is now officially available to all Free and Premium subscription users worldwide, including desktop, game consoles and TV apps on iOS and Android devices.

Sweden-based company Spotify also said it has partnered with Musixmatch to bring lyrics to most of the tracks in its library via in-app access .


How to turn on lyrics feature in Spotify?

Activating lyrics in the Spotify mobile app:

  • Tap “Now Playing View” on a song .
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen while listening.
  • You will see the lyrics scrolling in real time as the song plays!
  • You can share the lyrics that interest you in the song by tapping the Share button at the bottom of the screen and then via third-party apps.

Activating lyrics in the Spotify desktop app:

  • Click the microphone icon while a song is playing in the “Now Playing” bar.
  • It’s that simple! You can now read the lyrics simultaneously with the song.

Activating lyrics in the Spotify Television app:

  • Turn on the “Now Playing View” on a song.
  • Go to the right corner and go to the “lyrics button” and choose if you want to enable Lyrics.


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