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Rolls-Royce Develops World’s Fastest Electric Aircraft

Rolls-Royce , a UK-based automobile manufacturer, will produce single-propeller and electric aircraft by signing a partnership agreement . It is preparing to enter the record books by reaching a speed of 480 km/h with the single propeller and electric aircraft it will develop. With a single propeller and electric plane at 338 km/h, Siemens enters the record books.

Although the Rolls-Royce company is known as a car brand by most of us, it continues to produce powerful engines. It is particularly assertive about ship and truck engines. The company now wants to use zero emissions in the air, which it uses in its engines used on land and at sea . Giant companies such as Airbus, Boeing, NASA and Siemens compete fiercely to be the biggest in this field.


Rolls-Royce announced that it was involved in this competition in 2017 and aims to accelerate to 480 km / h with the single propeller electric aircraft it will develop. If the plans work in place,  propeller motors operating at 2400 RPM will overtake Siemens, which is now in the record book at 338 km/h.

It will also make innovations in the battery part of the aircraft it will develop. Rolls-Royce reported that the battery of the electric aircraft will be light and compact , and 90 percent efficiency will be achieved with its high energy density . Rolls-Royce, which has agreed with YASA for battery production, seems to be quite ambitious about electric aircraft.


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