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Roadmap for Clubhouse Announced

Clubhouse , which is based on the voice chat feature , gave what was wanted in just a few months and caught the popularity.

If you are following our news, you will see that the competitors of the application have started to arrive. In this interest and competitive environment, Paul Davison , one of the developers of the application, also made new statements.


Clubhouse coming soon to Android

Talking about his plans for the future, Paul Davison announced that the application will definitely come for the Android operating system.

But the famous developer showed the end of spring for this. It has been said that the development process will continue for a few more months.

In addition, information about the application’s invitation system was also given. Currently, Clubhouse member recruitment is proceeding as a closed system. So if you do not have an invitation, you cannot use the application.

Paul Davison said he has plans for that too. It was stated that the aim was to remove the invitation system. It seems very logical to remove the invitation system anyway. There are over 8 million users, but the actual audience is larger.

Removing the invitation system and making the application public means that the audience can directly subscribe to the application. No information was given on when a decision would be made in this regard.

Maybe after the Android version is announced, new information about the invitation will be shared.


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