Prices and Equipment Options of the New Opel Combo Have Been Announced!

Combo, the renewed model of the commercial class, was put on sale in our country. Here are the price, features and equipment.

Combo, the new commercial model of the PSA group, is coming to stand out from its competitors with its renewed design and superior features. Combo, the brother of Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Rifter, has been renewed and customized. Now let’s talk a little bit about the new Combo and the old one.


Opel is a very popular brand in our country with its affordable prices and German spirit. But to be honest the Combo is a little out of this category. The Opel Combo, which does not have much market in our country, has turned into a completely different vehicle by being renewed and customized this time.

Combo, which was previously sold in our country with 1.3 Cdti and 1.6 Cdti engine options, now appears with a newer and different engine. The 2019 Combo appears this time as the only engine option, the 1.5 Cdti. This engine offers two different power options, 102HP and 130HP. Of course, prices are shaped accordingly.

While the 102HP engine produces 130Nm of torque, the 130HP engine produces a full 300Nm of torque. For those who do not understand numerical values, I can say this. 102HP is quite enough for this vehicle. However, it is obvious that it will pile up a lot at lower revs. 130HP is satisfactory in this regard with its torque.

Unlike the old system, it comes with Combo, Enjoy, Excellance and Ultimate hardware options with changed hardware names. While Enjoy is the most basic package, Ultimate is the most complete package. The base package Enjoy features 16-inch wheels, front collision warning system, lane assist, speed limit and driver fatigue detection system as standard.

In the full package, in addition to all these, there are LED daytime running lights, 180-degree rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors and an 8-inch infotainment system. Of course, when you use it for a family, we can say that Enjoy is not bad at all, even if its features are insufficient. But their prices undermine that joy a bit.


Here are the prices of the new Combo in Turkey. That’s the part I just said is undermining our joy. I think these prices are too high for a vehicle that does not have a market in our country. Considering that it is commercial, I can say that these prices are a bit extreme. Considering that we can buy Caddy at these prices, it would be expected that the prices would be a little lower. We hope that with the new Combo, the vehicle will become a more popular model.


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