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NFT Sale Coming to Facebook and Instagram!

NFT technology , which has become very popular today, is now accepted by many companies and individuals, but social media companies have been relatively quiet at the moment when discussing non-tradable token (NFT) plans, but a new report from Meta company that Facebook and Instagram social media platforms users can use NFT between platforms. claims to be working on ways to create, display and sell.

Social media giant Facebook’s controversial history shows that it has never shied away from an important issue like NFT, but while the likes of Ubisoft, Square Enix, Konami and voice actor Troy Baker have publicly shared their love for NFT technology, Meta has explored the industry and removed two major social media platforms from it. does not want to be deprived.


Meta company wants to set up its own NFT marketplace!

Another report shared by the FinancialTimes reports that Facebook and Instagram are now working on a feature that will allow users to set NFT works as profile pictures. Additionally, he states that they want users on the platform to be able to produce NFTs and are currently working on a prototype.

In addition, Meta, which hosts many companies, is working on the plans to establish a marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs. This is one of the projects GameStop is currently working on.

The related report states that these plans are currently at an early stage and will undergo fundamental changes at any moment. Still, even if most people are against NFT technology, it’s really good news that Meta is in a rush to embrace much of the tech industry (and beyond). While the NFT world is a technology that is in demand and constantly developing, it is really great that a company that holds large masses takes steps in this sector.

While buying/selling NFT is getting simpler day by day, Coinbase will provide very easy access to NFT purchases from its own market using Mastercard.


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