New Kia Ceed Launched in Turkey! Here are the Prices and Features!

Kia’s hatchback model Ceed was offered for sale in Turkey with its renewed design. Let’s take a closer look at the Kia Ceed.

Kia, which attracts a lot of attention in our country with its latest models that appeal to the middle segment, is entering the market again with its new hatchback model Ceed. Ceed models have been pleasing to people since ancient times. Although the market of the previous models is not very much, the latest models are very popular.


With its renewed design, Ceed draws attention with its distinctive grille design and sporty appearance. The renewed model also has higher-level material qualities compared to the C segment. Of course, our article is on the price and engine.

Kia Ceed offers three different units: 1.4L Gasoline , 1.4L Turbo Gasoline and 1.6 Turbo Diesel . The 1.4L gasoline model can produce 100HP power. At the same time, it can get 134Nm of torque from the engine. Frankly, my opinion about this engine is that it is quite inadequate. In our period, it was unnecessary for Ceed to use such an engine, while high horsepower was obtained from low-volume engines.

The 1.4L Turbo Gasoline model has 140HP power. At the same time, it can produce 242Nm of torque. This engine is fine. Its competitors in the market may be the Astra 1.4T, Volkswagen group 1.4Tsi models. Considering the weight of the vehicle, I can say that it is quite sufficient.

he only diesel model, the 1.6L Turbo Diesel, has 136HP power and 320Nm torque. The exact rival of this vehicle is the Astra 1.6Cdti. The torque and horsepower are the same. The engine of this vehicle is worthy of its full segment. Extremely adequate and economical.

Now let’s come to the prices. You can check the prices in the table below.

  • HB Cool 1.4L Gasoline 100HP – Manual Transmission: 99.900TL
  • HB Elegance 1.6L Diesel 136HP – DCT (Automatic) Transmission: 152.900TL
  • HB Elegance Sunroof 1.6L Diesel 136HP – DCT (Automatic) Transmission: 157.900 TL


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