Microsoft 365 Accounts of Microsoft Board Members Hacked: They Are Sold for Money!

A hacker is currently selling the Microsoft 365 login credentials (username and password) of hundreds of C-level administrators on a closed-access underground forum. The hacker claims to have the account information of the following executives belonging to various companies around the world.

  • CEO General Manager
  • COO – chief operating officer
  • CMO – marketing manager
  • CTOs – chief technology officer
  • Company President
  • Vice President
  • Administrative assistant
  • finance manager
  • Accountant
  • Director
  • finance manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Accounts Payable

Even the relevant ZDNet source confirmed some examples and the credentials were found to be genuine. A source in the cybersecurity community, who agreed to contact the vendor for a sample, verified the validity of the data and received valid credentials for the two accounts.


The hacker sells account details for prices ranging from $100 to $1,500 depending on the size and role of the company.


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