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Messaging Feature Coming to Clubhouse

Clubhouse , which has inspired every other technology platform from online music and podcast listening platform Spotify to Social Media Giant Facebook , seems to take its first steps away from live sound experiences only. How do we know this? The company seems to have accidentally leaked a messaging feature it calls Backchannel to some users late last week.

Based on several tweets circulating on Friday ( including the screenshot below) , Backchannel is a distinctly new experience for users to chat via text rather than voice talk. It seems there was no reference to this feature in the app’s release notes, and what’s available seems blatantly unfinished. It’s unclear how long this version of Backchannel has been around, but Clubhouse seems to be scrambling to improve the platform.


It is not yet clear when the backchannel feature will be made available to the public, but it seems that the company wants to make the platform more useful, not just voice chat.


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