Mercedes Released Drift Video of AMG A-45!

Mercedes has released the drift video of its new beast, the AMG A-4 5 . Press the replay button that watched once.

Mercedes has released a great video special for the new year. Mercedes ‘ hatchback and top-of-the-line model A45 appeared on the track and showed great images. The A45, which will be introduced soon, will attract attention with this video before its release.


This year, Mercedes switched to a new chassis in the A series . While the new A series attracted a lot of attention, the high-end model of the case was not yet in the middle. Almost everyone knows that the new A45 will be 4 wheel drive. However, Mercedes has shared a great video to highlight this issue.

Indicating that Drift Mode will be added to the vehicle with this video, Mercedes clearly states that a great drift system has been introduced in the 4 traction system. It is known that the vehicle has a 2.0-liter engine and 370-odd horsepower. Of course, these values ​​will become clear after the introduction. The drift system of the vehicle is very good. We hope they make this system better.


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