Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan Introduced! Here are the features of that handsome guy!

Mercedes-Benz , one of the world’s largest automobile companies, is coming to shake the market with its new model. Here is the dazzling A35 Sedan ….

Mercedes introduced the A35 hatchback model in the past months. While this model was highly appreciated, the future of the sedan model was also known. While the A-series, which is the entry model of the AMG series, is a very popular model, the sedan model has a different appearance. While there was no sedan model in the previous A series, the sedan suits the new A very well.


Of course, the feature that makes this vehicle different is that its engine is different. The difference of the A35 from a normal A180 model is the engine and the structure of the vehicle. This vehicle appeals to more speed. There is a 2.0-liter turbo engine on the A35 Sedan, which appeals to speed enthusiasts . This engine produces 302 horsepower.

Transferring its power to the ground with its 7-speed DCT gearbox, the A35 sedan reaches 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds. With 5 different driving modes, you can use the vehicle with economy or performance. It gets its handling from its robust technology and 4Matic system. So this monster also draws 4 .

The price of the vehicle is not known exactly. However, it will obviously be very expensive. When we take a look at one of its competitors, Golf R, we can see that it offers higher performances. Of course, the choice depends on the person, but even the design of the A35 is enough to eliminate other competitors. Let’s see what more information we will get when the vehicle is introduced.


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