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It’s like Discord: Facebook Groups Design Renewed!

Facebook, one of the social media platforms owned by Meta, has launched a new user interface for its Groups service. The new design, which is under the test process with a small group of users, is largely similar to the Discord application.

Thanks to Facebook Groups , users can set up groups on different topics, whether they want with their friends or with different people. Today, users who come together on a certain topic can socialize here.


Whether it’s the interface or the colors used, it reminds us a lot of Discord. With the new design, a new menu located on the left welcomes us, and users can easily see the groups they belong to here and easily switch between groups.

The interface of the voice chat rooms to be created by the group administrators is also very similar to Discord. Kate Cichy, Spokesperson for parent company Meta; In a statement to The Verge team, he stated that the new interface is currently in the testing phase and will be generally available in the future.


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