Instagram’s Most Popular Cars Have Been Announced!

With a research on Instagram, the most shared car models on Instagram have been determined. A legend leads the list.

The popular social media application of our time, Instagram, contains thousands of posts every day. We know that they have a big place in their cars. But I wonder which tools are shared the most. Let’s take a look at these.


The US-based company Veygo has undertaken a research. The company, which determined the most shared tools on Instagram with its research on Instagram, reached them via hashtags Let’s see what tools are on the list.

At the top of the list is the Ford Mustang, the most legendary vehicle of all time. Mustang, which has 12 million shares, enters the list in the first place. Next comes the Honda Civic , one of the popular vehicles in our country . Although not as luxurious as the other vehicles on the list, the Civic, which is the focus of 7.5 million shares, seems to have caught its popularity.

The GT-R and M3, which are legends of the automobile market, follow the list. Following these vehicles, models such as Camaro, Corvette, M4, Aventador, R8, Jeep Wrangler are on the list.

In general, the most popular, stylish and fastest vehicles of the automobile community are on the list. As we said at the beginning, the surprising model here is the Honda Civic. Proving that it has achieved such a huge popularity on Instagram, Civic shows that it is loved by the public everywhere.


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