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Instagram Retires IGTV Application!

Instagram , one of the social media platforms owned by Meta, has been trying all kinds of new features to increase its usability and host more users since the day it was acquired by Facebook, and as the company understands how to compete with TikTok, it has started to clean up among the innovations it has implemented in the past.

In its latest blog post, Instagram has officially announced that it has discontinued the independently published IGTV app and made some changes to solidify its video offerings .


Although the company states that the IGTV application has been stopped, the application, which was last updated in August 2021, can still be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

When IGTV was first launched, Instagram’s goal was to compete with YouTube with longer-form videos. For this reason, it launched a third app called IGTV for long videos, but later on, videos posted on IGTV were included in the main Instagram app over time.

Then the company did a lot of work on video sharing, completely changed the tab for videos many times, and finally released Reels and included all video shares here.


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