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Instagram Reals is now on Facebook!

Facebook has added a feature called Reels to its social media platform Instagram in the last year. The function, which is exactly like TikTok’s operation, allowed you to shoot short and vertical videos of a maximum of one minute. The company has now integrated the Reels feature into its main platform Facebook.

TikTok is getting more and more popular day by day, and its competitors, who have adapted the concept to their own platform, are strengthening the competition by making their own developments. Now, the exact same feature of Instagram Reels is available on Facebook.


Let’s face it, Reels was a TikTok clone and Stories was a Snapchat clone, and here’s the thing, the vast majority don’t remember Snapchat anymore. Facebook has won the competition here. So far, the company seems to be battling TikTok quite a bit with Reels, but will it be able to win? We’ll wait and see.

If you’re curious and want to experience the Facebook Reels feature, you’ll have to wait a bit because it’s initially available on both Android and iOS in the United States as a pilot region. Reels on Facebook will include music, sound, effects and more and you can share them in News Feed or Groups. While viewing a Reels, you can easily follow the person who shared it, like and comment on the video, or share it with your friends.


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