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Instagram Is Getting Ready To Make A Significant Steal To TikTok

There is a war between social media apps themselves. One of the main platforms that shows itself in this war is Instagram . The application, which is currently struggling with TikTok , is preparing to take an important step in this regard.

According to the details revealed in the new guides shared for content creators, there is a new decision that will annoy TikTok.


Instagram warns of videos with logos and watermarks!

According to the new guides shared, Instagram does not want videos with logos and watermarks published in another application to be converted or converted to a low-quality version. In other words, it will be opposed to the logo or watermark appearing in a post. Whether you convert the video or play with its quality, the situation will not change.

It has also been stated that the content shared in this way will not be recommended and will not stand out as it is. In other words, we will no longer see the shares taken from TikTok in Reels videos . Existing posts will not be featured.

Of course, TikTok will be the most affected by this situation, but this can be considered a bad development for different platforms and applications. We will see how valid or applicable the regulation that Instagram steps in according to this new guide will be.

In addition, we do not know how long the non-recommendation of these videos will stop users. So even if the sharing stays in the background and is blocked, there will be those who try to add TikTok videos somehow.


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