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Instagram Introduces New Streaming Options!

In our daily life, we all spend most of our time on the social media platform, and some of us may hate the shares shown to us by the algorithm, and today this is a very important feature for some of us, the social media platform of Meta has been made available by Instagram .

Thanks to the Chronological Stream/Sort , which is available with the latest version of Instagram , you will be able to see not only the posts of your followers but also the posts of your favorite accounts in your stream. To switch between these two options, touch the Instagram logo and make the selection you want in the drop-down menu.


You can currently add a maximum of 50 people to the Favorites list, and when you select Favorites in the streaming options, you’ll only see posts from people in that list. In addition, when people in the My Favorites list make a post, they appear at the top of the normal stream.

The worst part of the new feature is that you can’t change the streaming option by default, so if you want to see your favorite contacts every time you log into the app, you’ll have to tap the logo and select the Favorites option.


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