In the New Model of Mercedes, Games Can Be Played Inside the Car!

Mercedes BMW introduced its new technology in 2019. With this new technology, games that have gained a lot of popularity recently will now be placed in vehicles.

Video games are very popular these days. Games are now available on phones, tablets and computers. As such, people involuntarily play games or watch videos. Thinking that the games that gained such popularity would come to cars, Mercedes took a new step.


Unveiling its new vehicle at MWC 2019 events, Mercedes-Benz has integrated a game into the multimedia system of the 2020 CLA Series . The Mario Kart game in the MBUX entertainment system is played on the touch screen of the vehicle. Controls are from the steering wheel and pedals. While you can direct the vehicle through the steering wheel, you can even operate the vehicle’s signals with the buttons on the steering wheel.

You control the gas and brake with the pedals you know. Even when the vehicle accelerates, the ventilation system of the vehicle is activated and blows air to you to give a wind effect. At the same time, the ambient lighting in the latest model vehicles can signal the start of the race in this vehicle.

Mercedes, which is one of the companies that always put its signature under the firsts in history, once again broke new ground and brought the games to cars. We hope that these games do not become playable while the vehicle is driving, and higher games can be added with newer technologies.


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