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Important Update Has Arrived for WhatsApp Voice Recording

When WhatsApp became an instant messaging application, it became more used than even social media applications. Being aware of this, the new roof company Meta constantly monitors users’ feedback and takes steps to improve the application. We’ve seen another similar step recently, and the update for the WhatsApp voice recording feature has arrived.

The new feature will allow users to no longer have problems with an issue that they complain about a lot. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what situation I’m talking about. 🙂


WhatsApp Will Let Us Pre-listen to Audio Recording Submissions
The issue that users complained about the most was the mistakes in sending audio recordings. Since we sent the sound recording directly, we could not do anything when a sound we did not want was included in the recording.

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This is where the update will help. After the update, audio recordings can be previewed . So when you prepare a recording to send, you will listen to that recording first and then send it.

If you do not like the sound recording or if a noise you want is included in the recording, then you will be able to delete the sound recording and open a new sound recording. It is said that the distribution of the update, which will prevent erroneous sound recordings, has started.

But when it will reach all users is difficult to know. The same was true for the WhatsApp default timed messages feature. Although it is said that the feature has been published, not every user could evaluate this feature immediately. Presumably the same goes for the audio recording preview feature. Over time, everyone will start using this feature.


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