Hyundai Increases Its Investments in Turkey Factory!

Recently, Hyundai did not stay idle after many automobile manufacturers increased their production in Turkey . Hyundai, which already attaches great importance to this factory, will now increase this importance.

The production and cooperation of companies such as Ford and Volkswagen in Turkey increased the competition among automobile companies. The idea that producing automobiles in Turkey would be beneficial for the manufacturer and the user has spread to all companies. The production of Ford’s last tractor, the F-MAX , in Turkey can be given as an example.


Hyundai ‘s factory in Izmit has a very nice place. While the factory has the capacity to produce 230 thousand vehicles per year, 351 personnel and 49 robots work in this region. This data will increase with new investments made. But which model will Hyundai produce first after this decision?

After the investments, Hyundai preferred to produce the i20 model in Turkey. Deciding to produce the vehicle in two colors with a new decision, Hyundai will now offer 11 different color options for the i20. So how will it be bi-colour?

In fact, it is the model in which the roof, A-pillar and C-pillar of the vehicle you know from Mini Cooper or Renault Captur today are botted. And this style suits the i20 very well.

We hope that these investments will bring good things for both Turkey and manufacturers. Let’s see how the increase in investments in Turkey will affect Hyundai ‘s Turkish market. Will there be a change in new vehicle prices in the coming periods?


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