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How Will YouTube Clap Work? How Much Money Will It Make?

The YouTube Applause system has recently become clear and YouTube has started to run the first tests. With the applause system, which is partly an important feature for content creators, an additional income will be provided.

Since it is a very new system, naturally there is a part of this system that is very curious. Of course, since it is a new feature, it is not possible for us to go too deep, but let’s explain the new system with what is known.


What is the YouTube Clap system?

The system in question can be shown as a donation section in its most general definition. In a feature that will come close to Twitch users, donations can be made to any desired content producer for any video.

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This feature is available, so when it’s active, you’ll see a donate button below the videos. Donations will be made by clicking the applause button. The amount that can be donated will vary. Currently in the system;

  • 2 dollars
  • 5 dollars
  • $ 10
  • 50 Dollars

Donation options appear. Quantities may be changed in the coming days. When a user presses the button we mentioned, selects any amount and makes a donation, a new applause animation appears at the top of the video. Of course, the publisher is also warned with a notification that it has received donations.

This system, which we can show as the YouTube Applause system , is currently available in countries such as the USA , Brazil and India . But not in every country. It will likely take time for the feature to become widespread.

Also, the commission rate is a bit high for now. According to the first information shared, YouTube will receive a 30% commission from donations . We do not know if there will be a change in commission rates after the feature comes to other countries, but the rates are high at the moment.


Before we forget, let’s add as a footnote that the YouTube Applause system is not a system where you need to have a big channel. It is said that this feature can be used on channels that have the monetization feature turned on. Of course, we do not know if it will change later.


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