First Images of 2020 BMW M3 Shared!

One of BMW ‘s most popular vehicles, the M3 is getting ready to be released with its new version.

The new member of BMW’s high-end M series, the G80 M3 , continues to be developed. After the F30 models attracted a lot of attention in the market, BMW introduced its new member G20 models to the 3 Series.


While the G20 stands out from the F30 in terms of both appearance and technology, now the new M3 is coming to stir things up. After the E46 M3 models produced between 1998 and 2005, no M3 model that looks this good has been presented to the market.

Of course, there will be upgrades to the engine of this model. But in general terms, it will be close to the last E90 M3s in terms of power. The engine volume of the G80 M3, which will have 2 different engine options that will produce 450HP and 500HP power, is unknown. However , we can say that it will have an engine volume in the range of 3.0 – 3.4  liters .

As you may know in terms of appearance, there is a completely different model integrated on the G20 . The G80 M3 looks very muscular and eye-catching in its current form. Especially the harmony of the wheels with the character of the vehicle took me away.


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