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Facebook’s New Name is Meta! Here is the Logo and Details

Facebook Connect 2021 event took place. Along with the event, important announcements such as new products and future plans were made. But the biggest announcement was the name “Meta” . Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement that the name of the Facebook top company has changed and they will now use the new name.

Well what does it mean? Why did such a change occur? What was the main purpose of Facebook here? Let’s evaluate together.


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Where Does the Meta Name Come From and How Will It Be Used? Is Facebook No More?

Let’s first explain the situation. Meta literally means “beyond normal” . Now we will see Meta company as the roof company. As you know, there are giant platforms such as Whatsapp and Instagram within FaceBook .

Now, the roof company that all these platforms are connected to will be the company announced with the new name.

Facebook name is not revoked. Facebook will continue on its way as a giant social media application . In other words, there is no such thing as changing the name of the application or service. The reason why the name was chosen as Meta is to express the scopes of the virtual world.

You may think of it as something beyond reality, out of the ordinary, or something that expresses the future. So now the boundaries of the roof company are much wider.

Why Did Facebook Change Its Name?

Official statements aside here, my point is that there are two points.


First point , the name Facebook was no longer enough to define the umbrella company. Although the Facebook platform was a giant social media platform on its own, it was also an umbrella company. We were seeing Instagram under the name of Facebook, we were also seeing the Whatsapp application.

Maybe its position as a social media application was very good, but Facebook was now seen as insufficient as a roof company to cover all other works. Here, there was a need for a more inclusive parent company that would bring the work done under one roof. It’s already Meta . I see this as the first reason.

I see the second reason as the scandals involving the Facebook name recently. Data scandals, privacy claims, while the weight of the Facebook name dropped. This situation also affected platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp, which are under the name of Facebook. As a result, a new roof company concept with a new name was needed.

As a result, the umbrella company will now be Meta . You can see the new logo as well as the images. Let’s see what surprises we will see next? It is certain that there will be new initiatives for social media and Meta company will make things bigger.



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