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Facebook’s Clubhouse Section Revealed

Social media has a different race. See someone do something. Whenever an app or a new chapter in an app comes out, competitors swarm like vultures. Now it ‘s time for the Clubhouse app.

Actually, there is a very good example of this. Remember the Stories that featured the Snapchat app. Instagram has officially copied this feature. Now the most popular part is Stories.


As we said, this time the target is the Clubhouse application. The first competitor to the application, which attracted attention in a short time, comes from Facebook . Again there is a case of feature duplication.

What does Facebook, Clubhouse-like section look like?

It was known that Facebook has developed a section that will be the answer to this already popular application. But the feature was never displayed. Now a programmer has captured the images of the new section in secret codes.

The leaked images show that a part called voice chats will be coming to Facebook . We clearly understand that there will be a “creating sound chambers” feature in this section as well .

It is possible to understand from the pictures how the users in the room will look. But if you say when we will use this feature, that information is not available. The social media giant will speed up its hand, that’s for sure.

Remember the example I gave above. Stories will come to Instagram, and when the image leaked, it was announced that the feature was released. We think the same goes for Facebook .


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