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Facebook Reals Released!

Meta has launched the new feature of Facebook, one of the social media giants, Reels, or Facebook Reels , to be used worldwide. Facebook users in more than 150 countries can now both share Reels and earn money by showing ads on Reels videos.

Users with iOS and Android operating systems can now enjoy Facebook Reels, and the company has officially announced that they are expanding their testing for overlay ads to help creators monetize Facebook Reels.


You will be able to earn money with Facebook Reals.

Creators on Facebook will also be able to earn money from the Reels videos they share. In this system called “Overlay Ads”, there will be two different ad display options; one is a semi-transparent banner ads below the shared Reels video, and another is tag ads that can be placed anywhere by content creators. In this way, content creators will be able to earn some of their advertising revenue.


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