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Facebook Makes In-App Selling Easy

Social media giant Facebook, which owns Instagram and WhatsApp, announced yesterday that it introduced new ways to shop within apps, as well as new tools for businesses to personalize the shopping experience through ads.

Facebook carries the Store experience, which started on Instagram and shifted to Facebook, to WhatsApp, the world’s most preferred online messaging application. Businesses in certain countries will be able to showcase their Stores on WhatsApp. In the United States, Facebook will allow businesses to migrate Store products to the Marketplace. Facebook is expanding ratings and reviews for products in Instagram Stores and allowing users to view photos and videos from the community.

  • Image search on Instagram helps people find similar products, like floral print dresses, by tapping a picture of a dress they like. In the future, it will be possible for people to take pictures from their cameras to initiate a visual search.
  • It will be easier for brands to create AR trial experiences in Stores through new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp to help shoppers get a better idea of ​​a product’s suitability before purchasing. Brands will include AR product catalogs in ads that will automatically show people relevant products based on their interests.


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