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Facebook Makes History!

Recently, the social media giant Facebook has been on the agenda like a meteor shower for various reasons. Today, with a news that emerged, the agenda was Facebook again. According to the information we received from the internet publication Verg e, the company plans to change its name in the near future and the official announcement will be made at the conference called Connect, which will take place on or before 28 October 2021.

According to speculations, it is mentioned that the name change decision taken by the company aims to emphasize the company’s focus on the future of the internet (metaverse), but with the name change, the Facebook platform and “” will not become history, only the official name of the parent company will be changed.


Roof company name will change

To put an end to the confusion, let’s take an example Google is a company and product, but Alphabet is the name of the company that owns many other spin-off products, including Google. Facebook plans to do something like this; Names such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Oculus will be sheltered under a single roof with a new name.

The name change in question will make Mark Zuckerberg ‘s wishes for Virtual and Augmented Reality a reality when he said in July that “we will effectively move from people.


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