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Facebook Campus Buried In The Dusty Pages Of History!

Leah Luchetti, Spokesperson of Facebook , one of the social media platforms owned by Meta, told The Verge team that they have found a way to provide a better environment and experience to university students, and therefore they will terminate the Facebook Campus application, and said:


If you’ve watched The Social Network movie, you know the story of Facebook’s founding; In the first place, it was born as a free platform where university students can become members and sociality at the university can be moved to the internet, and over time it started to spread to other universities of other countries.

The company launched the Facebook Campus service in order to bring the old spirit of the application back to life as a binding link between university students as in the old days . The working logic of Campus was similar to Facebook, but it allowed users to find and connect with other university students. It also provided access to an exclusive news feed, groups, chat rooms, and events specifically related to college life.

Facebook Campus is closing on March 10: you can download your data!

Facebook piloted the Campus app in 30 United States schools, with 60 colleges and universities added, but the number of young users continued to decline by 14 percent since 2019, according to 2021 internal memos leaked online.

Campus service will be terminated in an in-app message; It was stated that all profiles, groups, posts, events and other Campus content will be completely deleted. In a statement, Facebook stated that the service will be closed as of March 10, and announced that members will be able to download their data on the platform before this date.


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