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Facebook Again Data Scandal Problem Again

Not a day goes by that Facebook does not come to the fore with a new data scandal problem. For the social media giant, which has once again faced the issue of user data privacy that has been discussed for years, this time the allegations are very serious.

This time, there is no such thing as selling the advertising data of 50 million people. Allegedly, the data of 553 million users was stolen and shared.


Has Facebook made a statement on the subject?

According to the details shared on a hacker forum, information such as address information, phone, e-mail, location, personal information of 553 million users were seized.

The strange thing is that Insider has been told that this information may have actually been stolen. It is not clear how personal information, including biographical information, fell into the hands of hackers.

An official statement should come from Facebook on the subject . It would not be correct to say that this information was stolen, unless a Facebook channel verification is made.

There is not much detail on how the captured information can be used. It is said that this data does not contain passwords and similar critical information.

Let’s add that the most leaks occurred in the USA. 32 million information is said to have been stolen from US users. Other regions are the UK and India. Let’s see what Facebook will say?


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