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End-to-End Encryption Support for Group Chats and Calls Has Arrived on Messenger!

Messenger , one of the online messaging services of Facebook, one of the social media platforms belonging to Meta , supports end-to-end encrypted chats for a while, but was not supported by group chats and calls. With the latest released update, it gets support for end-to-end encryption on group chats and calls. Reactions, GIFs and stickers can be used in encrypted conversations to make the entire private communication experience uncompromised.

If you take a screenshot, the other party is informed

Like Vanish Mode, which many of us may be particularly familiar with from Instagram, E2E (End-to-End) chats offer messages that can self-destruct. The company, which cares about privacy, will inform the other party that you have taken a screenshot if you take a screenshot of the chat in disappearing messages mode.


To enable End-to-End Encrypted Messages in Group Chats, all you have to do is press the button that represents the mode. Finally, the new update lets you more easily share and save media on the go with some editing tools.


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