Electric Vespa Launched in Our Country! Here’s the Price!

The new model of Vespa, which is very popular in our country, Elettrica , was put on sale in Turkey.

Vespa , which has become very useful in our country’s traffic with its easy use and small design, has become a highly preferred model. Vespa, which is the main choice of people who do not like speed and want to get their work done in the city, is now electric.


Developed with electric motor technology, Vespa Elettrica was put on sale in our country. The thing that almost everyone wonders is how far it travels with a full charge. Elettrica can travel 100 km on a full charge . Considering that it is used in the city, it really offers sufficient values. At the same time, the full charge time is only 4 hours .

Producing 3.5kW of power continuously, Elettrica can reach a maximum power of 4kW. It can deliver the torque to the wheels as 200Nm. Considering that it has a total weight of 130Kg, we can say that the Vespa moves comfortably in traffic.

As accessories, there are many features such as Rear bag, backrest, windshield, knee cover, front-rear luggage carrier, front protection bar. While you can see features such as speed and driving mode on the middle screen; You can see the battery charge and range (km). At the same time, you can manage issues such as messages, notifications, voice commands and music system with the mobile application.

Vespa Elettirca Price!

Vespa has always traveled with fixed prices from past to present. Although it is actually more expensive than more powerful motorcycles, its technology and usefulness pushed the price policy in this direction. The price of Vespa Elettrica is also a bit salty since it is electric. 

Vespa Elettrica is sold for 49,900 TL in our country. This price may seem high, but it is possible considering the usefulness. If we consider that it is electric, fuel saving makes this price more understandable. Let’s see when we can see the Vespa Elettrica in traffic..


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