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Casper AIO Models of 2021 Released!

With the “Digital Transformation” , people’s needs and expectations also show an equal development in this direction. Computer manufacturers also continue to develop their designs in a way that is more user-friendly, compact, ergonomic and adaptable to today’s working life conditions. Tablets, minicomputers, All-In-One (all-in-one) computers come into our lives and they are designed to make our work life more efficient and easier.

Turkey’s technology brand Casper , which produces harmonious solutions for business life, continues to offer its users new products and equipment that will adapt to the technological developments of 2021. The company’s newly developed Nirvana All-In-One computers come to meet almost everything expected from a computer to work with high efficiency all day long, and will integrate convenience into the new generation business life thanks to its design and hardware.


Next Generation Computers

Continuing to develop products suitable for today’s conditions, where the importance of remote working and education has increased with the coronavirus pandemic, Casper , with its two new All-In-One models developed with the latest technologies and offered for sale ; While collecting all the equipment on a single monitor, it also impresses with its stylish design. It offers an efficient, functional and performance experience with its new generation processors, ergonomic use, high storage space and memory options.

Casper Nirvana All-In-One A460 and A560 integrated computers with 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, which use a power-efficient microarchitecture, advanced processing technology and silicon optimizations to deliver faster performance than previous generation processors, will continue to be high in your business life in 2021. promises to deliver performance.

Performance That Speeds Things Up

With three times faster wifi speed and twice faster graphics, Nirvana All-In-One A460 and A560 redefines performance for its users. Nirvana All-In-One computers, which facilitate conversations with your colleagues and customers with their screens supported by a built-in webcam, speakers and microphone, create an ideal teamwork environment with their screens with anti-reflective technology.

Casper Nirvana All-In-One A460 and A560 allow you to use many programs at the same time comfortably while working with a maximum of 64GB RAM support. With the RAM support offered by the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, it is more powerful, 1.5 times faster than the previous generation, and offers higher energy efficiency. 

More Flexible, More Ergonomic

All-In-One computers, where you can discover comfortable use in different areas with multiple mounting options, provide you with an ergonomic experience in the office and home working environment. Thanks to the VESA support on the product, the optional pivot stand and -15 degrees, +15 degrees, up or down movement and 90 degrees rotation options will offer you a healthier and easier working environment.

You can work more comfortably and healthily for hours with the keyboard and mouse set, which offers a comfortable typing experience with its ergonomic design. Accessories with matte design also provide clean use without keeping fingerprints.


You can reach Casper’s Nirvana All-In-One series, which continues to offer technologies that adapt to working life, at and meet our high efficiency and performance products.


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