BMW Will Produce 12 Fully Electric Cars By 2025!

BMW, the giant brand of the automobile market , announced that it will produce 12 different electric cars by 2025.

Electric cars, one of the most discussed topics of recent times, had mobilized all companies. Stating that the end of diesel engines has come, the authorities also allowed companies to turn to electric vehicles.


While Toyota, Renault, Tesla had many electric models in the market, BMW had models such as i3 and i8. However, as you all know, the i3 is too small to be called a hatchback, while the i8 was a race car. 

Realizing that it does not fully meet the needs of people who want to use an electric car, BMW announced that it will produce the new 12 models. The company, which wants a deadline until 2025 , stated that it will introduce 12 different electric models during this time.

Also, these models will not be hybrids like other electric vehicles. So it will not work with gasoline + electric system. Vehicles that will be fully electric will run on electricity only. This shows that BMW will do justice to the electric vehicle concept.

It was stated that among the first fully electric models of BMW, there will be iX3, MINI Electric, BMW i4 and BMW iNEXT models. No statement was made about the remaining 8 models. However, these vehicles will include a 4-door sedan and an SUV, which we call a counter. Of course, they will differ in normal and luxury, just like the 3 series and 7 series.

This new breakthrough of BMW has been really clever. Likewise, the two electric vehicles on the market do not meet the needs of the users. While the i3 cannot be preferred because it is too small, the i8 does not approach it with its sporty structure and prices. Let’s see how the new models will be…


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