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‘Biometric Authentication’ Coming for WhatsApp Web!

WhatsApp has been the number one star in news of Facebook’s new controversial privacy agreement, and the company has delayed its new User Agreement plan to make users aware of what the company is trying to do , now WhatsApp Web has added some useful new features for Desktop.

The Facebook-owned company adds support for biometric authentication to desktop and web clients, allowing you to connect WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account using just your face or fingerprint.


“To connect WhatsApp Web or Desktop to your WhatsApp account, you will now be prompted to use your face or fingerprint unlock on your phone before scanning a QR code from the phone,”

How to use the new WhatsApp Web/Desktop Security?

  • Tap the Settings icon > WhatsApp Web.
  • Press the plus icon and then follow the instructions if your phone supports biometric authentication.
  • If you want to stay signed in, check the “keep me signed in” option on the QR code page on your computer.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on your computer with your phone’s camera.
  • However, this new feature is not currently available to end users, but the company says that the new biometric authentication system, a redesigned WhatsApp Web for phones, will be available in the coming days.


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