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Another Innovation Coming to WhatsApp Last Seen System

WhatsApp has been very active lately. While a Communities announcement was the announcement of new features for a group, it has now emerged that the WhatsApp last seen system is getting ready to be updated with a new feature.

There is no official announcement this time, but according to the leaks, the change will be a change that users have wanted for a very long time.


WhatsApp Coming to Hide Last Seen Status from Only Selected Users

There is no restriction on the last seen feature in the current system. Now when you turn off last seen, you turn it off for all your friends.

But we expect the situation to change with the new update. After this update, users will be able to choose who their last seen status is shown and to whom they are not.

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We will see a setting to hide the last seen from only selected contacts. According to the leaked screenshots for now, this feature will only come for iOS devices .

But beware, we call it a leak. We don’t know if it will come to Android or not. It is also not clear when this feature will come to iOS.


In order to learn all this and see the details for the new feature, we will again wait for the official announcement.

The same was true for the Communities feature. First of all, a screenshot has leaked. PC Tutor readers will know, after that a few more minor leaks for the feature came and we shared. After 2 months, the official announcement came and we shared the details for the Communities feature with you.

Probably in a similar situation , it will apply to the update of the WhatsApp last seen feature. We will pass on new information as it becomes available. I recommend that you stay tuned. 


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