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Android Exceeds 3 Billion Active Devices

Since Android is open source, smartphone manufacturers are free to adopt it and even come up with new solutions to help differentiate their devices. This has been a successful approach, with the vast majority of major smartphone manufacturers using Android instead of their proprietary operating system.

In 2014, Google reached 1 billion active Android devices for the first time , and in 2019 that number increased to 2.5 billion. Now, the number of active Android devices has reached 3 million. This, in my opinion, shows that Android is getting stronger day by day and it will increase its rise every year.


Google I/O is back this week after a hiatus in 2020. During the event, Sameer Samat, Google’s Vice President of product management, announced the new milestone. With three billion devices actively used, Android’s user base now dwarfs Apple’s iOS , which as of this year has a base of 1 billion active devices .

If we look at the numbers , Android shows that 500 million Android devices have been activated since 2019, and 1 billion Android devices have been activated since 2017.


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