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Android 12 Beta Leaked Google’s Foldable Phones!

The foldable smartphone market is currently competing with each other and with each other, but the participation of big companies such as Google, OPPO, Vivo may be overflowing soon, it is said that these companies will launch their first foldable phones this year. We haven’t heard much about the OPPO and Vivo branded foldable phone yet, but it looks like Google has made significant progress in developing its first foldable smartphone, as the Android 12 Beta foldable smartphone mentions the codename.

Google has released the first beta of Android 12 , giving us a closer look at what the upcoming big Android update will be about. Alongside new features, the Android 12 Beta 1 update also mentioned various codenames for Google’s upcoming smartphones, including Barbet, Oriole, Raven, and Passport.


According to the information we obtained by 9to5google, the code name of Pixel 5a 5G is Barbet, while the names Oriole and Raven are used for the Pixel 6 family. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned that “Passport” is the codename for Google’s first foldable phone.

  • Barbet (Pixel 5a 5G) – G4S1M
  • Oriole (Pixel 6 family) – GR1YH
  • Raven (Pixel 6 family) – GF5KQ
  • Passport (Pixel foldable) – GPQ72

Besides the codenames mentioned above, the beta version mentions “Needlefish”, a codename for the 5G variant of the Pixel 4. But the codename of the Pixel 4 5G smartphone first appeared in 2019 and as we all know, this device was never released. The same could happen with Google’s upcoming foldable phone – the appearance of the codename “Passport” in the Android 12 Beta isn’t a direct confirmation that Google will launch the foldable phone this year.

On the contrary, screen analyst Ross Young claims that the Mountain View tech firm will launch its first foldable phone this year. Only time will tell if Google will launch its much-anticipated foldable phone this year. Meanwhile, Google asked Samsung for help developing the display technology for its foldable phone.


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