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An Innovation Announced That Will Change Instagram From Beginning to End

Instagram , which is on its way to become the most popular social media platform of today , came to the fore with a surprise announcement the other day. Adam Mosseri, one of the most authoritative names, even the most authoritative, announced his new initiatives for the social media platform.

If you’ve read the title, I’m sure you’re intrigued. You want to know what will change. Then I don’t make you wonder at all and move on to what will change.


A New Era Is Coming for the Instagram Home Page

The announcement is just a Twitter post. Adam Mosseri announced that they are testing new features with his post. So what kind of innovation?

After the update to the platform, there will be a big change in the home page structure.

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This change, which will also affect the overall design, will appear on the top left of the application’s home page. There will be no difference in other parts. At least now we see that there is no difference.

On the left we will see a new tab under the name of the home tab. In this section, the drop-down menu will be used. You know, websites have top bar menus. In general, when you come to this part, the categories in the menu are listed down.

Here it will be on Instagram from a similar drop-down menu . When they click on this part to be used, they will see 3 options . The first option is already the home page. In other words, it will be the page where the existing layout continues as it is. The real issue is in the second and third options.


The Part You Follow: This will be the second option. When you select the following section, it means you have opened your own custom homepage. We will move to a home page where only the users you follow have posts and they are listed in order of sharing. One of the features we were looking for and couldn’t find.

Favorite Tab: In the lower part, there will be a favorites section. When you select this tab, you will see a home page structure that has been determined according to the favorites you have selected and its flow has been arranged accordingly.

So now we will see what we want on the Instagram home page. This choice will belong to the users. For now, it has been announced that the tests of the feature have started. It is also said that updates will be available in the near future. But still no history.


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