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60-Second Stories Period Starts on Instagram

The Instagram Stories feature has been found to be very successful and has taken hold. This section is now the most used section of the application. But there are still points of criticism. For example, the 15-second time limit on Stories posts. Many users wanted this time to increase.

Users got what they wanted and Instagram started the 60-second Stories period for Turkey. But there is one small detail. We will talk about that shortly.


60 Seconds Stories Can Be Shared on Instagram

After the new updates, we will be able to share 60-second stories on Instagram . 60 seconds will be available for a single story without any splits.

But for now, the feature is not publicly available. Selected testers have received the new update and it looks like the system is obviously being tested. Users who receive the update will also receive notifications about it.

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We will also be adding a visual about how a notification is received. The feature is expected to be available to all users in a short time. We’ll have to wait and see if the new story time will be available for all users before Christmas.

Frankly, Instagram was already expected to take such a step. Similar decisions on duration were made in several other countries. For now, we do not know what extra considerations are made for the Stories section. But we know that now social media has become a race.


Platforms are constantly seeking innovation in order to stand out more and be used more. However, these updates do not seem to end. Continuous news of innovation will continue to come.


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