2019 Renault Clio Received 5 Stars in Euro NCAP Tests!

The new model of Clio , one of the best-selling vehicles in our country , was subjected to Euro NCAP tests. Clio passed the test successfully.

In the past months, we have started to receive news about Clio. Clio has been a very popular model in our country for years. Clio, who got a little closer to his older brother Megane with each renewal, had a great rapprochement this time. The new Clio, which draws attention with its design, meets the demands in every sense.


There is no one who does not hear the reputation of German and American cars in terms of durability. The fact that a French brand like Renault could not achieve this robustness in its old models gave the opportunity to discredit the brand in some communities. Of course, it is up to the company to remove this judgment. It looks like he’s succeeded. Likewise, the new Clio proved this in the tests it entered.

The new Clio has been subjected to Euro NCAP tests like almost every other vehicle. Providing safety with its chassis on the outside, the new Clio focuses on ensuring passenger safety with 6 airbags on the inside. Judging by the results, it looks like he succeeded.

The new Clio achieved a 96% adult safety rate in crash tests at city speeds . It provides 89% safety for the child passenger sitting in the back seat . It provides 72% safety in terms of hitting pedestrians . Clio’s anti-collision equipment, on the other hand , gained a value of 75% . There is a lack of some security systems here. However, it complies with the standards in its class.

With these values, the 2019 Clio managed to get 5 stars from the Euro NCAP test. Of course, the values ​​here should not surprise anyone. Because collisions here take place at speeds below 70 km/h. At the same time, all passengers are wearing seat belts. Of course, it is very important to take a look at the Euro NCAP tests when buying a vehicle, but it is useful to know that when you exceed the speed limits, it will not be a solid car.


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