We heard the name of 3D printers especially in 2018 . Most parts and bionic products, from the healthcare industry to the computer industry, were produced on these devices. Now, the world-famous automobile giant Ford has announced that it plans to produce automotive parts with a 3d printer in its newly established factory, which it has spent millions of dollars on.



The First Stage Will Also Produce Shelby GT500 Model

Additionally, Ford spent $45 million to build the new Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford, Michigan . He had previously announced that he was planning to manufacture vehicles using advanced technology with this expenditure. For 3D printing, the factory has 23 3D printers and works with 10 different 3D manufacturing companies on a variety of media, including nylon and carbon . In the first stage,  Mustang Shelby announced that it plans to produce the GT500 ‘s brake system with two different 3D printings.


Of the 100 employees at the center , not all of them work in 3D printing . Ford is also using virtual and augmented reality to help design next-generation assembly lines. He thinks this can help experts discover inefficiencies or potential hazards even before construction work. It also uses AR technology and VR to help teams communicate better over long distances because everyone can “see” what they’re talking about.


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