Production of VW Beetle Completely Stopped

VW Beetle, which has many nicknames such as Vosvos and tortoise and is among the legends of the automobile world, came to the fore with a sad development. The statement made by Volkswagen will upset the fans of the series.

Volkswagen completely shuts down the VW Beetle era

The legendary series, which was first released in 1938 and called Kdf-Wagen , managed to be among the most popular vehicles for years. The VW Beetle, which was considered as one of the modern vehicles and whose design was remarkable according to the period, also managed to reach high sales figures.


After the intervening years, we also saw that the vehicles were revised with different features. We saw that the brand, which did not change its main design, called Vosvos , for a long time, renewed its vehicles between 1998 and 2010 and offered the second version. Although not as much as the first model, the 2nd generation vehicles also reached high sales figures.

Deciding to continue the series, the brand presented its last generation vehicles in 2011. The vehicles, which were put on sale in 2011, were evaluated as the 3rd generation and were equipped with the high technology of the period. Although navigation systems and next-generation sensors are now available, the VW Beetle has lost its popularity. Let us state the sales figures of the brand for 3 generations and you decide.

  • 21.5 million sales of the first generation after 1938
  • 2nd generation 1.2 million sales between 1998 and 2010
  • 3rd generation 500 thousand units sold after 2011

Sales figures also show how much the popularity has dropped. As a matter of fact, after these changed graphics, the brand made its decision. Sharing a video on YouTube, Volkswagen said goodbye to the vehicle with the video named “The Last Mile Beetle” . Thus, we have also seen that the 4th generation vehicles will not be offered officially. In short, another era has come to an end.



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