Last Minute: Domestic Car’s Interior Design Revealed

Just hours before the introduction of the domestic car, Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG)  shared the highly anticipated first small image of the car on its official Twitter account last Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he shared the small details of the vehicle and excited those who were waiting for the car.

Today, TOGG’s official Twitter account shared the new video of the car at 14:30 and the interior design of the domestic car was shared at 14:53. The front center console of the car has an estimated 11-inch touchscreen display. The blue stripes inside the domestic car are not overlooked. The blue stripes on the door will most likely be located in many parts of the vehicle and these colors will be changeable.



In addition, a tachometer with digital display and blue backlight is located on the front console of the vehicle. You will probably be able to control all the indicators here both on the steering wheel and on the digital screen.

Attention to Share Photo at 14:53

The first animated video was released today at 14:30. Then, at 14:53, the interior design of the domestic car was shared on TOGG’s official Twitter account. At the request of the users , 14:53 was chosen, which corresponds to 1453, the date when Fatih Conquered Istanbul . Explaining the interior design he shared, TOGG said, “ We listened to you, we came at 14.53 #GönülleriFethedecek  Let’s meet again at 19.23.” made a statement. He stated that a new image will be shared at 19:23 , the year of the founding of the Turkish Republic, 1923 .


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