Ford Edge Reshapes Its SUV Family

Automobile manufacturer Ford is preparing to announce the Edge model, which is the flagship of its newly developed SUV series. Ford Edge ‘s Turkey sales price is certain, and we take a close look at the vehicle’s technical features and technology.

What Does Ford Edge Offer?


Ford Edge , which is among the SUV models, is actually no stranger to us. As the first production of the vehicle was made in 2006, it is preparing to become one of the most important representatives of Ford in Europe after 10 years . The Ford Edge will now be sold with a 2.0-liter diesel engine and a 6-speed Powershift dual transmission for a starting price of $88 thousand. Whichever way you look at it, this corresponds to 289 thousand TL. Advanced equipment and parallel selling price seem to keep the vehicle’s appeal high.

As the new SUV Ford Edge comes with full options to its customers, the insulation has been maximized in the interior design of the vehicle. At the same time, the vehicle, which has a noise control system to increase the driving quality, also has a driving sensitive auto control system. Thus, the steering ratio is adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle and you avoid spending extra effort while performing parking maneuvers.

Ford Edge , which is equipped with sensors that detect pedestrians and can automatically brake when there is no response in emergency situations , offers many features together with collision avoidance assistant.

Monster with 210 HP, 450 Nm Torque

Since the AWD system in the new SUV Ford Edge is 4×4, it provides advanced handling by changing on icy, rainy or slippery surfaces. In addition, the twinTurbo-assisted 2.0-liter diesel engine is enough to please us, as well as providing responsiveness. Ford Edge not only has 210 horsepower with this engine, but also creates a solid combination by producing 450 Nm of torque . On the fuel consumption side, I can say that it drinks 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

If we take a look at the design side of the vehicle, dynamic LED headlight technology is used in Edge . Thanks to this technology, the headlights can also reflect the angle at which the steering wheel is turned, and can cover the dark areas 100%.


Ford Edge , which has eight different lighting modes, also has a lighting option with a manually illuminated free mode. On the driver’s side, there is also an 8-inch color touchscreen with voice control. It is possible to change the phone, sound, ventilation, navigation, automatic command, Ford Sync 2 and many other details from this screen.


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