Domestic Car TOGG vs TESLA Comparison (All Features)

Turkey’s domestic automobile, which has been expected to be released for years, was introduced in Gebze Bilişim Valley with the participation of President Erdoğan last week. While the domestic car TOGG was introduced as a visual feast, all its features were also revealed. Of course, since the vehicle will be released 2 years later, its features are still on paper. We will see how much of the promised features are true and how much is absurd when the vehicle is on the market.

Domestic Car TOGG Features

On Friday, December 27, under the leadership of TOGG CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş , domestic automobile enthusiasts were presented in Gebze IT Valley. TOGG CEO Karakaş explained all the features at the domestic car launch. Of course, even if these features are on paper, it will be a car that will make a sound when it comes to the market.


When the domestic car is on the market, it will be released as 3 models. One is a sedan model and the other two is an SUV model. Two features, one 200 and the other 400 horsepower, will be presented as the engine horsepower of Domestic Automobile TOGGs. Since the car is 100% electric, charging was also among the questions of the enthusiasts. TOGG CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş stated that they will offer up to 80% charging time in 30 minutes in the promised charging time .


This comparison compares TOGG Sedan 400HP vs Tesla Model 2016.

Feature TOGG (Sedan) TESLA (MODEL S)
Horse 400Hg 376HP
Range 500KM 475KM
Traction 4×4 from the rear 4×4 from the rear
0-100 km Duration 4.8 Seconds 5.4 Seconds
Charging Time 30 Minutes (80%) 30 Minutes (50%)
Air conditioning There is There is
Autonomous Driving There is There is
Battery Life 8 Year Warranty 8 Year Warranty
Production place Bursa Turkey USA, China
Seat Skin Skin
Front Inner Screen 10 INCH 17 INCH
Front headlight 4 x Xenon Led Xenon Led
Release Date 2022 2016
Sale price 580.000₺ (Estimate) $74,900


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